Sailing Instructions Published

Sailing Instructions can be found here.

The Notice of Race has also been amended in respect of the Roger Swinney Trophy.  Click here.

The current entry list is as follows:

SIs to be Published

Sailng Instructions will be published by Monday. Entries now sit at 20.  Click here for the list.

Current entry (11th June)

This is the latest entry list:

Entry List Updated

This is the latest entry list, as of 4th June:

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The entry fee increases by £50 after 6th June, so only a few days left at the lower fee.  Current entries can be seen here.

Notice of Race Released

The Notice of Race can be found here.  There has been a delay in releasing this as the Quarter Ton Class has been waiting for formal confirmation of its new affiliation with the RYA, thus allowing it to be the Organising Authority for the Quarter Ton Cup.

Entry forms and social tickets can be found here.

2018 Quarter Ton Cup

The provisional dates for the 2018 Quarter Ton Cup are Wednesday 20 June to Friday 22 June inclusive.  

2017 Quarter Ton Cup Winner - Aguila

Sam Laidlaw lifts the Quarter Ton Trophy for 2017 with his crew on Aguila.  The Corinthian Trophy awarded yet again to Pierre Paris’s Pinguin Playboy.  Read the full report here.

Race Schedule for Friday

The warning signal for the first race on Friday will be at 1000.  
The CB will leave the marina at 0800.

The intention is to run 4 races.  The latest possible warning signal is 1430 - see Sailing Instruction 5.3.

Racing Cancelled Wednesday

At 1130 the conditions in the central Solent were too poor for racing.  There was 22 knots gusting 25 knots from 260 degrees, a short choppy sea with white water.  The forecast was for a decrease in wind strength but only after 4pm when wind against tide will begin.

Racing was postponed for the day.

The plan is to run 4 races on Thursday with the first warning signal at 1100.

Racing Reports can be found here.

Weather Update

The forecast is changing and it appears that the front referred to yesterday is going through earlier.  The latest forecasts show mean windspeeds of 16 knots from 1500 on Wednesday.  The gusts are intense in the forecast but the wind direction is a westerly, so it is likely that these gusts will not materialise.  This is what is currently (1000) seen on BrambleMet - forcasts shows 10/16; actual at the Bramble Post shows 13/15.

The tide is slack before the ebb in the Hillhead area at 1540.  We can expect flat water until 1600.

It is likely that we should get at least one race on Wednesday.  It is also possible that the front will continue to go through a little earlier.  

The Race Committee have made the decision that there will be no Racing before 1300 on Wednesday.  The Race Management Team will assess the situation further on Wednesday morning and inform competitors of the plan by VHF, broadcasting on Ch 77 on the hour and half hour from 1130 onwards.  Boats should remain in the marina until 1200.

Wednesday’s Weather

The weather forecast for Wednesday looks difficult.  Whilst the Atlantic weather systems are not encouraging they do look predictable with a front due to pass through the Solent on Tuesday night.  HW Portsmouth is at 1743 on Wednesday so with a westerly wind, and strength as per the current forecast, the sea state will become nasty at about 1630, just as the wind should start to ease.  However, if the front passes just a few hours earlier it may be possible to get a race in when the wind and tide are running in the same direction.  It is too early at this point in time to make a good decision about Wednesday’s racing.

We will continue to look at the forecasts.  It may be appropriate to make a decision before Tuesday lunch time about Wednesday.  However, Registration and the Briefing will still go ahead as planned on Tuesday.

We will email skippers with any further posts concerning this.

Sailing Instructions Published

Sailing Instructions can be found here.

Entries can be seen here

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Please remember to book your tickets for the BBQ and the Dinner here.

Notice Of Race Published

The Notice of Race for the 2017 Quarter Ton Cup is published - click here.  The Organising Authority is the Royal Southampton Yacht Club (in conjunction with the Quarter Ton Class).  Racing will be held in the central Solent as in previous years.

Entry will open on 1st June using the Royal Southampton’s on-line system.  Click here to be taken to the entry details.